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1000 Cinematic Luts Color Presets Pack for Premiere Pro

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Transform Your Videos with 1000 Color Grading Presets for Premiere Pro

Elevate your video content to professional heights with our comprehensive package of 1000 color grading presets, featuring 15 captivating VHS looks effects and 5 vintage film looks. Whether you're creating cinematic masterpieces, family memories, travel vlogs, or more, this bundle has got you covered.

What You'll Get:

  • 1000 Color Grading Presets for Premiere Pr
  • 15 VHS Looks Effects
  • 5 Old Film Looks
  • 20 Light Leak overlays
  • Project includes Premiere Pro preset file .prfpset and 3d lut files .cube
  • .cube files may be used also in After Effects, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve etc.
  • 1000 unique color presets for color grading
  • 12 categories of video styles: Aerial [80], Cinematic [100], Fashion [50], Skin [50], Special [50], Travel [100], Urban [70], Vlog [100], Wedding [200], Instagram [50], Creative [50], Vintage [100]
  • Use it like premiere Pro presets Or just select needed .cube 3d lut file in lumetri color
  • 15 VHS style effects 15 noise overlay footages
  • 5 Old Film looks + 10 scratches overlays
  • 20 Light Leaks footages


The VHS looks can be seamlessly integrated with Premiere Pro CC 2017 and higher versions, providing a versatile range of options for your creative endeavors.

Take your video editing to the next level with this comprehensive package, turning ordinary footage into extraordinary creations.

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1000 Cinematic Luts Color Presets Pack for Premiere Pro

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